• http://www.clearsign.com/

    ClearSign Combustion Corporation NASDAQ: CLIR

    ClearSign Combustion Corporation Challenge: Start-up with a revolutionary method of improving the efficiency of combustion while simultaneously reducing emissions. The Company had little more than a demonstration unit and a handful of employees.
    What MDB Delivered:
    • Helped identify and recruit key members of executive management team
    • Designed and executed patent strategy
    • Executed an IPO to raise $13.8 million including over allotment
    • Listed company on Nasdaq Capital Market
    • Actively coordinating investor visits post financing
  • http://www.parametricsound.com/

    Parametric Sound NASDAQ: PAMT

    Parametric Sound Challenge: Development-stage company with an audio processing technology that delivers 3-D sound in a slim, inexpensive form factor. Company was a recent spin-off from a larger company and had very few employees.
    What MDB Delivered:
    • Recruited key members of the team, including the Executive Chairman
    • Coordinated multi-city roadshow to launch company in investment community
    • Executed financing to raise $9.24 million including overallotment
    • Lifted company to Nasdaq Capital Market
    • Continuing to advise company on key strategic alternatives
  • http://www.unipixel.com/

    Uni-Pixel, Inc. NASDAQ: UNXL

    Uni-Pixel, Inc. Challenge: Development-stage company delivering superior performance engineered films to the touch screen, flexible electronics, and lighting and display markets. Company was pre-revenue with 2 months cash and $3.1 million in convertible notes maturing in 2 months.
    What MDB Delivered:
    • Advised company on recapitalization and restructuring of company equity and debt
    • Advised company on new strategy to focus on flexible touch screen technology
    • Lifted company from OTC.BB to Nasdaq Capital Market
    • Executed financing to raise $17.25MM including over allotment
    • Actively introducing to investors post financing
  • http://virnetx.com/

    VirnetX Holding Corporation NASDAQ: VHC

    VirnetX Holding Corporation Challenge: Start-up that wanted to protect and commercialize valuable inventions that provide solutions for secure real-time communications such as instant messaging and voice over internet protocol.
    What MDB Delivered:
    • Identified source of unique IP
    • Established working relationship with IP holder (SAIC) and negotiated licenses
    • Recruited CEO
    • Co-authored business plan
    • Co-founded private company
    • Arranged reverse merger into public company tied to $4.5MM financing
  • Medivation Inc. NASDAQ: MDVN

    Medivation Inc. Challenge: Start up company with three employees that had licensed technology for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Company unsuccessful in raising material amount of capital to enter clinical trials.
    What MDB Delivered:
    • Repositioned company as a “virtual” pharmaceutical company that creates value with a focused, capital light strategy
    • Successfully crafted and communicated unique company strategy
    • Completed reverse merger with $14MM financing
    • Market value transitioned from $10MM to over $400MM in less than 24 months and reached over $800MM in peak market value