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Our Community

We have built a community of over 500 sophisticated investors with significant experience in public venture.

A traditional shortcoming that has characterized the public markets is their short-sighted nature. To make early-stage public venture feasible, we have created a community of sophisticated investors that have the intention of helping our companies get off the ground.


These people are influencers in multiple industries and have access and reach that is invaluable to all our companies.

Engaged and Curious

Our community is engaged and curious, helping us make increasingly better decisions as we engage them in our process.

Advocates of Our Mission

Our community is an advocate for our mission, with patient investors that are not interested in quick small returns but waiting long term until these technologies have been substantially de-risked and the value has been unlocked.

Long-Term Focus

This long-term nature of our investor base is key to building value and stability for an early-stage venture in the public markets.

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Holistic Approach

Our public venture model is fundamentally different than the fund-based venture capital model. Using the public markets earlier while keeping in mind the nature of early-stage companies, we believe is a model that is more democratic, liquid, efficient and that better aligns the interest of everyone involved.