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Harnessing the Power of Nature to Create Tomorrow’s Molecules

Invizyne, a partner company, was created in early 2019, with the vision of taking nature’s building blocks to make molecules of interest, effectively simplifying nature. Its technology is a differentiated and unique synthetic biology platform solving the inherent bottlenecks of legacy technologies. The promise of synthetic biology is unbounded. It would enable the exploration of large number of molecules and properties found in nature, but at scale.

The impact on several industries could be significant. Therapeutic molecules found in nature could be tested for efficacy and quickly scaled as we are experiencing now with multiple cannabinoids and other natural compounds, novel properties could be mimicked replicating rare chemicals found in nature, food could be enriched by mimicking flavors and fragrances naturally, and energy sustainability could be achieved by creating fuel from renewable sources.

About Invizyne Technologies

Nature provides us with countless chemicals that can improve our lives. Trees and plants often supply them, but in such small amounts that they’re hard to extract, leading to waste and environmental degradation. To harness natural chemicals more effectively, synthetic biology first attempted to rewire living cells to make them easier to extract. But cells are complicated and not easily rewired.

Invizyne’s new approach, SimplePath streamlines synthetic biology by removing cells altogether, along with their complexities. Using our proprietary, sustainable enzyme systems we can build simple, efficient reactors for chemical production.

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