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Our Process

We recognize that early visionary technologies are in many ways frail ideas that need to be nurtured correctly so as to set the right foundations for them to become commercially established. This is especially true in platform technologies in which the right vertical direction and positioning can have a drastic impact on the early development of the partner company.

Rational Design Process For New Companies

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Clearly understand what our companies have developed and their vision for their technology to define a space for analysis

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Deeply understand all of the players in the space and how they relate to our companies’ technology, IP, and new inventions

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Gain a clear understanding of what our companies’ competitive advantages will be and articulate a theory of opportunity

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Develop a business, IP, innovation, and R&D strategy that enable our companies to create a new technology category and become the leader in that category

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Re-evaluate continuously, which keeps our companies category leaders or enables them to pivot to a new strategy based on changing circumstances

Up next – How we get our companies to commercialization

Our Community

A traditional shortcoming that has characterized the public markets is their short-sighted nature. To make early-stage public venture feasible, we have created a community of sophisticated investors that have the intention of helping our companies get off the ground.