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Public Venture

A “holistic approach” to investing – everyone wins.

Our public venture model is fundamentally different than the fund-based venture capital model. Using the public markets earlier while keeping in mind the nature of early-stage companies, we believe is a model that is more democratic, liquid, efficient and that better aligns the interest of everyone involved.

Inventors, Universities, Co-Founders

They have all had valuable, tradable shares and ownership stakes much greater than with traditional venture capital and the companies fail at much lower rates.

MDB Investor Community

Superior venture capital returns without being tied up an illiquid fund and many of them have fun being engaged to contribute to a community for good!

Management and Board Members

They have had the benefit of being public and being able to raise substantial capital for early-stage companies much easier than with private companies or through traditional venture capital and attract employees easier.

MDB Employees

Have generated considerable wealth through aligning our interests with all the above by earning and purchasing common equity.

Society & Economy

Most of all society and the economy has been served by funding technology that is designed for the betterment of humanity, advancing science and creating high value employment.


Our Companies

To maximize the impact of our actions and culture, we embark on each journey with a partner company at an early point, the seed investment stage, usually previous to a specified management structure even having been in place. We act as co-founders, bringing not only capital to the table, but also creating the initial commercialization plan, the strategy for intellectual property, business objectives, and financing.