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About Us

We have developed a process for identifying, developing, and commercializing meaningful technologies that initially began as abstract ideas.

Our Criteria

Creating new technology categories

We have defined our investment criteria around those factors that we believe maximize the probability for an early-stage technology company to sustain its value in the public markets.

Our Process

Rational Design Process for new companies

We established a process to position these platform companies for success with the intention of maximizing the value early-on, by setting the right foundations at the development phase and, therefore, attracting the best people to build a successful enterprise over the long term.

Our Community

Over 500 investors with significant experience in public venture


A traditional shortcoming that has characterized the public markets is their short-sighted nature. To make early-stage public venture feasible, we have created a community of sophisticated investors that have the intention of helping our companies off the ground.


Leaders in Public Venture


Year Founded

Founded in 1997 to back visionary technology, credible inventors, and technology entrepreneurs.


Our Focus

Technology developed at universities or research centers with substantial grant backing.


Company Stage

All companies have been early/seed stage and virtually all pre-revenue with little or no management team.


Our Role

We acted as co-founders and were largely responsible for creating the initial commercialization, IP, business, and financing strategy.


Two-Step Approach

We raise early capital between $5-$12M, followed by a $20 to $60 million public offering.

16 Companies

IPO Pre-REvenue

All 16 companies were taken public before any material revenue and were listed on national exchanges… mainly NASDAQ.


Community Financing

We have had no fund and the capital was largely raised from our community of sophisticated individual investors.