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Our Platform

MDB Capital is the brand under which MDB Capital Holdings, LLC (NASDAQ: MDBH) and its subsidiaries operate and provide services. We often use “MDB Capital” or the “MDB platform” to refer to MDB Capital Holdings, LLC. and our subsidiaries individually or collectively. 

Public Ventures, LLC dba MDB Capital

MDB Capital operates as a growth catalyst, focusing on community-driven micro and small-cap financings. It enables companies to scale through the initial financing stages ranging from five to sixty million dollars and facilitates their transition into public markets with select IPOs valued in the range of twenty to fifty million dollars. MDB Capital also provides financing to post-IPO companies that continue to meet its overall business criteria for investment.

PatentVest Logo

PatentVest, Inc.

PatentVest complements the platform as an integrated intellectual property (“IP”) solution and IP service provider, acting as a strategic law firm to guide technology companies through the intricacies of IP law and provides companies with IP strategy development. It plays a pivotal role in positioning companies to become leaders in their respective spaces and curates premier opportunities for MDB Capital, which leads to our Big Idea Companies.

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Invizyne Technologies, Inc.

Invizyne, one of our partner companies and currently about 60% owned, is a Big Idea company. Invizyne is making strides in modernizing the process of turning natural resources into valuable chemicals through a platform called SimplePath™. This innovative approach could lead to a new era of biomanufacturing, Biomanufacturing 2.0, transforming how we produce essential chemicals sustainably.

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