Member Criteria & Benefits

Catalyst members enjoy numerous benefits

The richness in our lives and experiences comes from the people and relationships we invest in.

Member Criteria

  • Sponsored by a current MDB Catalyst member
  • Accredited investor per SEC definition
  • Experience investing in venture-stage public or private companies
  • Willing to share expertise and resources with the community
  • Have an MDB Capital brokerage account
  • Aligned with MDB investor community principles

Membership Benefits

  • Priority prorata access to MDB private and public company financings
  • MDB Capital brokerage account with no annual account fee.
  • Full access to private Member Portal with Public Venture Directory of 1000+ venture-stage companies with news, insights and SEC filings
  • Participation in Catalyst member calls and activities
  • Sponsor new members and new companies for financing consideration

Membership Process

  • Membership is offered by invitation-only through MDB Capital to qualified individuals.
  • Our process is time-efficient and transparent.
  • It ensures a high-caliber community of members with aligned interests and collaborative engagement.
  • Ask an MDB representative for more information or email us at [email protected].