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Investment Criteria

We create new technology categories and create the leaders in those categories.

We have defined our investment criteria around those factors that we believe maximize the probability for an early-stage technology company to sustain its value in the public markets. We look for novel technology platforms that are category-defining and solve big unmet needs. We believe our model provides for the most efficient path to value creation for those companies that fit our criteria.

1. Unique Technology

  • Well defined differentiation enables a new category

2. Platform Technology

  • Core technology deployed across different vertical markets or indications

3. Large Market Potential

  • Large market opportunity and solves unmet needs

4. Early Inflection Point

  • Reasonable timeline and cost required to validate technology feasibility

5. Clear Market Insertion

  • Explicit benefits driving adoption across value chain (channel partners)

6. Strong IP Position

  • Robust, defensible IP position with broad claims covering the invention

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Our Process

We have established a process to position these platform companies for success with the intention of maximizing the value early-on, by setting the right foundations at the development phase and, therefore, attracting the best people to build a successful enterprise over the long term. We effectively developed a “Rational Design Process For New Companies”.