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MDB Capital Group, LLC is Wall Street’s only IP-driven public venture bank, with over 15 years of experience launching disruptive technologies into the public markets. We maximize the value of disruptive technology companies by positioning them to attract growth capital, strengthening their IP portfolios to create sustainable competitive advantage, and connecting them with a base of high-quality investors with deep technology expertise. To support these efforts, we created PatentVest®, a fully-integrated analytic and reporting platform that measures, scores and ranks every patent and application in the USPTO database. Seeing value others do not. Creating value others cannot.


A Blueprint for Funding Billion-Dollar Companies in Energy.

Do venture capitalists get it wrong when investing in disruptive technologies?

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MDB Capital Group CEO Chris Marlett on Bloomberg TV, discussing the recent Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit.
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Is the offer to buy BlackBerry merely meant to start a bidding war?

Chris Marlett, CEO of MDB Capital Group, talks with Julianne Pepitone at CNNMoney.

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  • June 20, 2014

    DALLAS – June 18, 2014- MDB Capital Group, LLC, is pleased to announce that John Wootress, former Deputy General Counsel for Belkin International, has joined the MDB team as Director of Intellectual Property Development. In his new role, Wootress will manage the IP strategy research, prior art searching, patent drafting, and tracking and reporting efforts of MDB’s 20+ intellectual property engineering staff, to ensure the most efficient delivery and quality of our products and services. | read more...