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MDB Capital Collaborates with Mayo Clinic to Advance Anti-Senescence Platform

ADDISON, Texas, July 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MDB Capital Holdings, LLC, (NASDAQ: MDBH) (“MDB”), a public venture platform focused on launching category-leading deep technology companies, today announced a collaboration through a patent and know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic to develop a small molecule anti-senescence platform. This collaboration aims to advance research in longevity and age-related disease prevention.

Senescent cells, which are dysfunctional cells that have permanently stopped dividing, have been implicated in the aging process and the development of chronic low-grade inflammation. This chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of age-related diseases, including multiple fibrotic conditions that have limited treatment options and poor prognoses.

Studies conducted at Mayo Clinic have shown the potential of the licensed molecule to target and eliminate senescent cells with a significant therapeutic window, reversing fibrosis across multiple conditions. The global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market is projected to reach nearly $45 billion by 2030.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Mayo Clinic to harness clinical and scientific expertise to develop therapeutics that could meaningfully improve patient lives across various conditions,” said Christopher Marlett, CEO and Co-Founder of MDB.

“Our team is deeply invested in addressing the underlying drivers of aging and fibrotic conditions, which is why we are so excited about this new collaborative effort,” said Dr. Andrew J. Haak, PhD, Assistant Professor and Researcher at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic has a financial interest in the technology referenced in this press release. Mayo Clinic will use any revenue it receives to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education and research.

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